Georganism 1

Georganism is a cooperative game. In the few levels of the start, you can clear levels without the cooperation of another jelly, but you cannot later. Use Space to switch jelly, press Enter to combine or decombine jellies. Use Arrow keys to control the movement.

“Georganism” is an engaging puzzle platformer where players manipulate and merge unique jelly creatures to explore vibrant and mysterious islands. Each jelly creature possesses distinct abilities: the blue one can jump, the red one excels at swimming, and the green one has the unique ability to eat wood. Players must strategically switch between these characters, using the Tab or Space key, to navigate through the game’s levels. Combining characters by pressing Enter allows for new abilities to emerge, necessary for solving puzzles and advancing. The R key restarts the level, offering players a chance to rethink their strategies. The game’s mechanics encourage experimentation and clever use of the jellies’ abilities to overcome obstacles.