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Decision 3

Train yourself in the Decision 3 Unblocked game and learn how to use a gun. Then you will go on a mission. You can shoot with the click and move with Arrow keys. Aim with Mouse pointer.

Game Objective:
The overarching aim remains consistent with the series: to survive, reclaim territories, and establish a safe haven in a world overwhelmed by zombies.

Gameplay Features:

  1. Advanced Territory Control: While capturing areas remains pivotal, “Decision 3” brings with it more complex territories. Players will need to consider the strategic value of different areas, with some offering unique advantages or resources.
  2. Broader Arsenal and Upgrades: Expanding on its predecessor, “Decision 3” provides players with a wider range of weapons, tools, and upgrades to better tackle the undead menace.
  3. Recruitment and Team Management: As you navigate the city, you can rescue survivors with distinct skills and backgrounds. Some might be soldiers good at combat, while others might be engineers or medics, providing crucial support roles. Managing your team becomes an essential element of gameplay.
  4. Mission Diversity: “Decision 3” offers varied missions ranging from territory reclamation to specific rescue operations or supply runs. Some missions are time-sensitive, adding an extra layer of urgency.
  5. Enhanced Enemy Variety: Players will face a broader range of zombie types, each with their unique abilities and challenges. Strategy becomes paramount as players need to adapt to different threats.
  6. City Facilities: Capturing specific areas or buildings allows players to set up facilities like workshops, medical bays, or armories. These not only offer gameplay advantages but also serve to make the city more livable for survivors.

Graphics and Controls:
While still maintaining the simple aesthetic of flash games, “Decision 3” offers improved graphics and smoother animations compared to its predecessors. The controls remain intuitive, ensuring players can easily dive into the action.


“Decision 3” elevates the series by introducing richer gameplay mechanics and a more immersive environment. The game successfully combines tactical decision-making with thrilling zombie combat, providing an engrossing experience for both new and returning players. If you have a penchant for strategy and a fascination with the zombie apocalypse, “Decision 3” is a must-play.