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Doctor Zed

Doctor Zed is a fun action game in which you have bullets in different colors. You must shoot the creeps with the matching color of bullets to kill. You will receive the training in level 1.

“Doctor Zed” is an arcade-style online game where players take on the role of Doctor Zed, tasked with freeing the galaxy from harmful infections. After a series of unsuccessful experiments, a gigantic virus escapes from a laboratory and begins to infect planets. The player’s mission is to help Doctor Zed navigate through infected planets and eradicate the virus using a variety of tools and weapons at his disposal.

The gameplay involves traveling to different planets, each presenting unique challenges and infected environments. Players must use strategic thinking and quick reflexes to battle the spread of the virus, utilizing Doctor Zed’s scientific equipment and upgrades to enhance his abilities. The game combines action with puzzle elements, requiring players to solve problems while fighting off the viral threats.

“Doctor Zed” emphasizes both a compelling storyline and engaging gameplay mechanics. As players progress, they unlock new abilities and equipment, which are essential for tackling tougher challenges in later levels. The game’s mix of science fiction and medical themes creates a unique setting for an arcade game, offering an entertaining and educational experience on virus containment and eradication strategies.