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Decision 2 New City

You will see all the available weapons on the bottom of the screen that is switchable with number keys. Aim with cursor and click to shoot, walk with arrow keys.

Game Objective:
The primary objective of “Decision 2 New City” is to reclaim a city that has been overrun by zombies. Players have to shoot their way through zombie-infested streets, capturing territory and making strategic decisions to keep the undead at bay.

Gameplay Features:

  1. Territory Control: Players venture out into the city to capture areas and establish safe zones. As you progress, more parts of the city become accessible.
  2. Upgrades and Resources: As players clear out areas, they collect resources that can be used to purchase weapons, ammunition, and upgrades. This aids in strengthening the player’s capabilities against the increasingly challenging zombie waves.
  3. Survivor Recruitment: Along the way, players can rescue survivors. These survivors can either aid in combat or be assigned tasks, such as defending captured territories or scavenging for resources.
  4. Missions: Apart from capturing territories, players are also given specific missions to accomplish. These can range from killing a certain number of zombies, securing specific locations, or gathering particular resources.
  5. Dynamic Challenges: The zombie threat evolves as the game progresses. Players will encounter different types of zombies, each with their unique challenges.

Graphics and Controls:
Being a flash game, “Decision 2 New City” doesn’t boast high-end graphics. However, its top-down view and simple controls make it accessible for players of all skill levels.


“Decision 2 New City” is a testament to how flash games can offer compelling gameplay with straightforward mechanics. Its blend of action, strategy, and resource management provides an engaging experience for those looking to test their mettle against the undead. If you enjoy strategic decision-making combined with action-packed gameplay, this game might just be up your alley.