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Hey Wizard

In the Hey Wizard game, press key to view control keys. You can then click on a control key to change the key you want or just leave it as it is.

“Hey Wizard” is a dynamic platform and action game where you control a wizard using magical spells to navigate and combat various enemies. The game is designed around a silhouette aesthetic, where you use WASD keys for movement and the mouse for casting spells. Players can launch themselves through levels using magic, adding a unique twist to the traditional platform mechanics.

The gameplay involves acquiring and upgrading spells that help in defeating monsters. The game is notable for its spell physics, which allow you to fling yourself around the environment, adding an innovative layer to the platforming challenges. It includes a variety of spells such as lightning, fire, and necromantic hands, each offering different strategic advantages​.

“Hey Wizard” also features a sequel, “Hey Wizard: Quest for the Magic Mojo,” which introduces new challenges and an enhanced spell system that allows for even more diverse gameplay experiences. This sequel retains the core mechanics but expands on them with more levels and refined controls, providing players with a richer and more engaging gaming experience​.