Stunt Master

You are a stunt master and you have been invited to shoot in a movie. So do the stunt properly and don’t dissatisfy the director.

Stunt Master is an exhilarating action game where you perform daring stunts with a stuntman. In this game, your goal is to complete various stunt challenges using different vehicles like cars, motorcycles, and even on foot. Each level presents new and exciting obstacles to overcome.

You control the stuntman using the arrow keys, making him jump, flip, and crash through obstacles to earn points. The game features multiple levels with increasing difficulty, requiring you to time your jumps and movements perfectly to succeed. Completing stunts successfully earns you higher scores and unlocks new challenges.

Stunt Master is a thrilling game that tests your reflexes and coordination. It’s exciting to see how many stunts you can complete and how high you can score. The game’s fun animations and action-packed gameplay make it a great choice for anyone who loves adventure and excitement.