About Me And My Donkey

Me And My Donkey is a delightful animal care simulator where players take on the role of a farmer taking care of their pet donkey. The game includes a range of activities, from feeding and grooming the donkey to training it for competitions. The game’s cute visuals and relaxing gameplay make it a charming and relaxing experience.

The core gameplay in Me And My Donkey involves taking care of the donkey’s needs. Players must feed and groom the donkey, keep it healthy, and train it for various events. The game offers a range of customization options, allowing players to personalize their donkey and farm.

Despite its calm pace, Me And My Donkey offers a surprising amount of depth. The training and competitions add a goal-oriented element to the game, while the need to manage resources and time adds a layer of strategy. Overall, Me And My Donkey is a relaxing and rewarding game that animal lovers of all ages will enjoy.