Fireboy and Watergirl or Bluegirl Games

What type of games are these Fireboy and Watergirl games?

Fireboy and Watergirl games are adventures and cooperative games. In this game, there are 2 characters, known as Fireboy and Watergirl. Fireboy appears in red flaming color and Watergirl appears in blue color.

  • Fireboy cannot be harmed by fire. So you can walk through fire (appears as red flaming in the game that is placed on the ground). However, if Fireboy touches the water, he will die.
  • Watergirl cannot be harmed by water, so she can walk through water without being harmed (Appears as water on the ground in blue color). If the Watergirl gets in contact with Fire, she will die.

Obstacles and cooperation:

There are many obstacles in this game apart from Fire and Water. They have to jump over or cooperate with each other to clean. For example, A door or gateway may have 2 buttons, 1 before the door and another after door. That button must be pressed and hold to it to open the door. So one of them can hold it and another can pass the gate. Later, the one who passed the gate will hold the button on the other side to keep the door open, so the one left behind can now enter. That’s how it works.

Collecting Gems:

Fireboy can collect red gems and Wategirl can collect blue gems.

Reaching the end gate:

The door has a sign on it as Fireboy and Watergirl. So they need to stand at the correct door to make it open the door.

What about Fireboy and Bluegirl games?

Fireboy and Bluegirl games are based on the same concept. However, they named Watergirl as Bluegirl. The game can be played the same way. But, there is one difference. In Fireboy and Watergirl game, they both have separate keys to move and jump: WASD and Arrow keys. However, Fireboy and Blue Girl games need you to press the character switch button before you can switch the movement. So you will just use Arrow keys to move any of them.