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About Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

“Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker” is an installment in the popular Adam and Eve puzzle game series, which is known for its whimsical humor and clever puzzles. In this chapter, players find Adam sleepwalking in the cold, snowy night, and it’s up to them to guide him safely back to his bed without waking him up. The game challenges players with a series of interactive puzzles set in a charming, prehistoric world filled with quirky characters and obstacles.

The gameplay involves clicking on various objects and creatures in the environment to create a safe path for Adam to traverse. Each level presents unique challenges, requiring players to think creatively to manipulate the surroundings effectively. The puzzles become progressively more complex as players advance, offering a satisfying blend of challenge and fun. The game’s delightful graphics and animations, along with its lighthearted storyline, make “Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker” an enjoyable experience for players of all ages seeking a blend of humor and brain-teasing puzzles.